Know H20

Water is water, right? Wrong! Drink in these important differences...

As remarkable as it might seem, spring waters from different geographical areas can taste very different. Spring water is a natural product that comes from the earth and retains the same properties and qualities as its underground source. Depending on the minerals present, water temperature, and other naturally occurring factors, each spring will impart its distinctive “personality” and taste to its water.

The Water Cycle


So where does all the water come from?

It's true that rivers flow into seas, but how did the water get into the rivers? The pathway water follows is an incredible journey, one called The Hydrologic Cycle.

Water in lakes, streams, oceans, and soil is evaporated by the sun and rises into the air. Once in the atmosphere, water cools and condenses, then falls as rain, snow or hail to the earth where it flows over land, seeps into the ground and returns to the sea. Then the cycle begins again! This cycle has ensured that the same amount of water exists on our planet today as did at the beginning of time.