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Products and Services

We offer monthly water delivery to both businesses and residences in our entire service area.

How it Works: Water Dispensers

Water Dispensers

If you already own a dispenser, the information about our water products is listed below.

If you do not own a dispenser, we offer three different types of dispensers to rent and two options to buy.

Rental Dispensers (rented on a monthly basis)

Ceramic Crock with or without Oak Stand
Cold Only Cooler
Hot and Cold Cooler

Dispensers Available for Purchase

Ceramic Crock with or without Oak Stand
Hot and Cold Cooler

Deer Park Products

5 & 3 gallon bottles from Deer Park 2 1/2 gallon bottles from Deer Park 1 gallon jugs from Deer Park 1 1/2 and 1 liter bottles from Deer Park

5 gallon bottles, spring or distilled
3 gallon bottles, spring

2 1/2 gallon bottles, spring 1 gallon jugs, spring or distilled
(comes in a case of 6)

1.5 L bottles (12)
1 L bottles (24)

We also carry: 24 oz. sports bottles (24 per case), 20 oz. bottles (24 per case), .5 L bottles (24 per case), .5 pints (48 per case)


Poland Spring Products

5 and 3 gallon bottles from Poland Spring 1 liter bottles from Poland Spring

5 & 3 gallon bottles, spring

1 L bottles (18)

We also carry: 24 oz. sports bottles (24 per case), .5 L bottles (24 per case), .5 pint bottles (48 per case)

Nestle Pure Life Products

Nestle Pure Life Products   We have 5 gallon bottles of Nestle Pure Life water available for your water dispensers.

Set Up Your Delivery

After you have decided which products that you are interested in, please give us a call at 1-877-628-9426 to inquire about pricing and set up an account.

When you start your service, you must pay a deposit for every 5 or 3 gallon bottle that you request. The deposit is a one-time fee to ensure that we receive the empty bottles after you have used the water. The only time that we will charge additional deposits is if you decide to increase the number of bottles that we deliver. We will hold the deposit until the end of your service. At the end of your service, we will refund your bottle deposits once we receive the empty bottles.

You must start with at least two 5 gallon bottles to have the water delivered to your home or business. Residential accounts must pay for their initial setup (water, cooler rental, and deposits) at the time of the set up.

Monthly Deliveries

Deliveries will be performed once a month. If you will not be home, you must leave your empty bottles outside so that we do not charge you another set of deposits. We will leave the same number of full bottles as the number of empty bottles unless you indicate otherwise. You will be billed monthly for your water and cooler rentals.

Commercial Coffee Service

We also offer a commercial coffee service. Please visit the Chesapeake Coffee page or call us at 1-877-699-5282 to receive more information about this service.